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These are the properties of these cheats that make gameplay better. They will let you play the game better, and you can achieve more. The features will influence specific areas of your gameplay to help you play better. Here are some of the features of FACEIT cheats.


While playing competitive matches on FACEIT, you are likely to meet better players. This feature helps to increase your chances of winning matches whenever you face off against these players. It will ensure all the shots you fire hit your targets accurately and that you can get the maximum points from this. In the cheat, you can also select the areas on the body to center your shots. This will increase your headshot count, and you can thus improve your game rankings in a shorter time.


Players in competitive FPS games on FACEIT matches move fast. This makes it harder to center your shots and take them down easily. Your response time can be slower, and this could make them get away. This feature makes it easier to defeat rivals as it will fire whenever your crosshair rests on an enemy player. You can thus increase your kill count, and it will boost your rankings in the game. The feature is also effective as all you have to do is face the general direction of enemy players.


This feature ensures you never walk into an ambush and that you can plan your attacks better. It will make the walls in the game easier to see through. It will bring out the outline of these players as they hide behind walls and other obstacles. The feature will also show the weapons they are using and the direction these rivals are facing. You can thus make effective attacks, and these will help you advance through the game faster. It will improve your overall gameplay and skills.


This feature lets you move across the map without worrying about encountering enemy players. All you have to do is select an area on the map, and you will instantaneously get teleported there. The feature makes your gameplay better, and you can get to collectible items before all other players. It will also help you stay alive for longer in the matches as you can now hide from enemies effectively. The feature will boost your ranking in the games significantly.

Fast revival

This feature on the FACEIT cheat will ensure you don’t die in the course of your gameplay. It will help your player’s health to regenerate faster whenever you are shot at. This ensures you can last longer in the game and that you can beat these rival players easily. It will boost your gameplay significantly, and you will always rank Hogner in any server you play in. you can thus become a better gamer in a shorter time.

Skin changer

The feature lets you change the appearances of your players and weapons whenever you play. It will include these skin options into your inventory, and you can switch between them conveniently. This will let you customize your gameplay and stand out from other players on your server. You can thus enjoy the games even more.

What’s FACEIT?

FACEIT is among the best multiplayer gaming platforms available. It allows players to connect with others and play games on level ground. Many prefer using this platform as it eliminates all cheating and ensures all players can only rely on their skills.

Since FACEIT was introduced, its anti-cheat tool has banned many cheating players and disabled even more from accessing the game. This thus ensures a legitimate skill progression and rightful prize winnings in the game.

FACEIT is mostly available for FPS games such as DOTA 2, CSGO, and many more. Players can thus enjoy the games as they play on FACEIT. There is, however, an alternative to use cheats in the games if you want to. These cheats will give you an advantage over all other players on the server. You can thus enjoy its benefits and beat all other players you play with. The cheats are available from our website, and you can download them whenever you need to.

How to download FACEIT cheat

The cheat is available to download for free from our website. Before you begin the download process, however, you should ensure your anti-virus is disabled. This will prevent it from getting blocked in the course of the download and will ensure a smooth process. You can locate it on our website through the search bar. Now, click on it to begin the download process. Its files are compressed to make the download process easier.

Once the download is complete, extract the file contents into a separate folder. The cheats are now ready to use, and you can run them to any matches you are fixed in. The features can be activated in the course of your gameplay, making it convenient.

Is the FACEIT cheat detectable?

Match-making on FACEIT is preferred by many players owing to its ability to stamp out cheats and hacks. Players that are flagged for using cheats get permanent bans and cannot access the platform in the future. This will also lead to losing your inventory and ranking in games. It is thus a major concern for many players before they can use these cheats.

You, however, don’t have to worry while you run the FACEIT cheat. It is undetectable as it will not interfere with the game data. It will also run separately from the FACEIT platform. You can thus play the games with the cheats activated without getting detected. This makes playing any competitive titles easier and enjoyable. You can thus rise through the ranks faster.

Get the latest cheat updates

You can always get FACEIT cheat updates from our website. These contain new features and improved security to make your gameplay better. It also ensures you can run the cheat in games without getting detected. These updates can be downloaded at any time. You can thus play better and accomplish more in-game objectives in the most competitive games with the help of the FACEIT cheat.