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  • Aimbot, Wallhack, ESP and more
  • Undetected from anti-cheats
  • Custom made for each customer
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What’s A Hardware Cheat?

Cheating in games has been around for a long time. In the past, players could simply enter their cheat codes into the game by typing them onto the keyboard or pressing specific buttons on their controllers in a certain order. This was common in old game titles such as GTA Vice City and many more.

Over the years, however, game development has made huge strides, and more games are available to play. Most of these are AAA titles and are competitive.

Game developers are also working with advanced commercial anti-cheat software that ensures players cannot manipulate their gameplay to gain an advantage in multiplayer games. This has rendered cheat codes and hacks unreliable in many games.

Gamers can now enjoy a better alternative to this by using hardware cheats for their games. These tools use machine learning algorithms to respond to a gameplay situation just like a human player would, but with higher efficiency.

Some of the most popular hardware cheats include Cronus Zen, CronusMax Plus, FPS Strike Pack Dominator, and many more. They are inserted into the controller, mouse, or keyboard, and once a player runs the game, they are activated and can be used.

These hardware hacks will work on all available games, especially competitive shooters such as Valorant, GTA V, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and many more. This makes them convenient compared to scripts where players have to download individual scripts for all the additional features they want on the game.

How do hardware cheats work?

Gamers prefer hardware cheats as they are difficult to detect. Since many game developers use commercial anti-cheat software in games, using a script can easily get you banned. They alter the game’s code to give you the additional boost you need, and since anti-cheat software will detect any alterations to the game’s code, you are sure to get detected and banned. This can be devastating to gamers as you will lose all your progress, and most of your inventory will be withdrawn.

Hardware cheats, however, are more efficient and cannot be detected since they don’t interfere with your game files.

Hardware cheats such as Cronus Zen have to be configured before you can begin gameplay. This is a simple process, and since these hardware cheats come with a guide, you are sure to complete them in no time. In the configuration, players have to download all the configurations for their games onto the tool.

These are available from the user menu of these hardware cheats, and since they are compact, the download process will be fast. You can now connect the cheat to your PC and add these configurations before saving the changes.

You can also include game packs from the hardware hacks developers as they contain all the possible hacks for the tool. First, configure the packs for your current games, as you can change them in the future when you want to play another game.

Once the game packs, scripts, and mods are loaded into the hardware cheat, you can connect it to your controller and begin the gameplay. You can now activate the features you want from the hardware cheat, depending on your playing games.

Available Hacks

Hardware hacks offer different manipulation options depending on the game you are playing. Most cheats are, however, used in competitive shooter games as these tend to get quite competitive. You are likely to find expert players on your multiplayer server, and the only chance you stand against them is using hardware cheats. Here are some of the features of these hardware cheats.


Taking an accurate shot in a fast-paced game is nearly impossible if the target is not at close range. You could easily miss your shot and give away your position, and it will not be long before a rival player catches up with you.

The aimbot feature in hardware hacks will ensure this never happens by improving your shooting accuracy. You can now select the area on the body you want your shots to hit, making it easier to rake in more headshots. Players can also take out more rival teams and win more matches.


This feature on the hack will ensure you never miss any shot you take. All you have to do is face towards the general direction of the enemy, and a shot will be fired accurately. It will also take shots whenever your crosshair is aimed at rivals, making it easier to defeat them in games.

This hardware hack feature lets you increase your kill count and rise through the ranks in multiplayer games. You don’t even have to press the fire button once the feature is activated.


When using a powerful weapon in the game, recoils can make it harder to fire at rival players. You will need to aim again, and this can easily let your targets get away. This feature on the hack will limit your recoils, allowing you to fire as many times as you need to. Your accuracy will be maintained throughout these shots, allowing you to beat rival players in no time.

Can you get banned for using hardware cheats?

Hardware cheats are almost impossible to detect since they don’t interfere with the game files. Furthermore, all the alterations are made to the controllers, making it difficult for anti-cheat software to detect them. This has made them popular among gamers, and their sales have increased significantly as players try to get the advantages they offer in games.

Game developers are coming up with new ways to detect and ban players using these cheats, but since they can blend into the gameplay owing to advanced machine learning algorithms, it is still challenging.

Hardware cheats are also a better alternative to scripts as players don’t have to worry about security and malware attacks. In addition, they are safe as they don’t make any changes to your gaming device, and you don’t have to complete any setups.

Hardware cheats are fast rising into the standard for many gamers. Their reliability makes them convenient and a must-have for players who aim to play at a professional level.